Useful info and links

For all of you who frequent the Community Boat Project and Puget Sound Voyaging Society here are some useful links and tidbits:



National Weather Service 7 Day Forecast

Click on map for specific  forecasts, both land and marine. Also check out ‘Zone area forecast’, ‘Hourly weather graph’ and ‘Forecast discussion’ at the bottom of the page. 10 Day Forecast

Global Wind Map

To view current or waves, change settings or overlays, use the menu icon next to the word Earth in the bottom left corner

Understanding Global Wind Patterns

Assorted education animations regarding global wind patterns.

Beaufort scale

Use this descriptive scale to learn to judge wind speed

Tides and Currents

Deep Zoom

Interactive Charts with current and tide info overlay

NOAA Current Predictions

Scroll through the list to find your area and closest current station, or use the map or search feature at the top of the page.

Tides Explained

A clear and comprehensive explanation of how the moon and the sun cause tides on Earth.


NOAA Custom Charts

Here you can create and download custom pdf charts for anywhere in the US.

Chart 1

The legend for all NOAA charts – symbols, datum, coloration explained

The Nautical Almanac

Contains celestial predictions and data needed for celestial navigation.

Bowdich’s American Practical Navigator

Downloadable or online version

Navigation Rules (Rules of the Road)

This is a PDF version of the official International and Inland Navigational Rules provided by the Coast Guard.


Animated Knots

Learn lots of useful knots by following animated directions

Beaufort scale

Use this descriptive scale to learn to judge wind speed

Example log book entry

Small vessel sea service form

For sea time on non-inspected vessels

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