Puget Sound Voyaging

Voyagers Program


Puget Sound Voyagers is a generally high school aged program of Leadership Training, Personal Development and Empowerment with a Maritime focus. It meets weekly throughout the school year and concludes with a week long Journey in early summer.

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Through active weekly practice on our boats and in our classroom students learn a wide range of Maritime Skills. From the real use of knots to charting and practical navigation, predicting tides and currents and reading the waters, and of course sailing and general boat handling. Everything one would need to be a prudent mariner, to go cruising safely or to get a head start in a professional maritime career.

Leadership and Teamwork

Our engine-less rowing and sailing longdories requires a crew to work together to accomplish anything. Group problem solving challenges and teambuilding games add an element of fun while strengthening the crew bond. Rotating leadership and supportive crew feedback inspires all members of the team to test their boundaries and try stepping into bigger shoes. Experienced mentor captains hold space for our Voyagers to spread their wings, practice managing crew, boat and planning while knowing there is a safety net to catch what falls through the cracks. Each Voyager is encouraged to step up when they are ready and discover the leader within.

Empowerment and Personal Development

With rotating leadership, guided personal reflections, and the strong group bonds that are developed in the Voyagers; each individual is encouraged to stretch their boundaries in a safe and supportive environment. Mistakes are only truer ways of learning lessons, and the sea is the best guide for finding inner strength. Each Voyager has endless opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

Life Skills

From interpreting weather forecasts to meal planning, problem solving to information gathering, the universal life skills covered in the Voyaging program are endless. Communication and time management skills integral to the smooth running of a ship are also priceless in any workplace. Voyagers learn daily habits of organization, planning, teamwork and awareness that are valuable anytime anywhere.


Each year culminates in a week-long Journey during which the crew tests their new skills and their self reliance. They explore some part of the Salish Sea, visiting islands and inlets from San Juan to Olympia. Along the way are life changing adventures, moments of deep self-discovery, and incredibly unique experiences.







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