Community Boat Shop

The Community Builders – Tiny Houses, Boat Building and so much more!

Mentor-based, hands-on learning.

Paid Internships for Young Adults    

 Free and Accredited Learning for Teens.


Job skills, Life skills, Community Service.

Imagine 10-20 high school teens, 5-6 young adult interns. Mix in 10 -15 adults; some woodworkers, some violin makers, some boatbuilders. Better add in the odd astro-physicist, sailmaker, rigger, car mechanic, outboard repair guy, and welder.

Ask the question – What are you excited about learning today?

Now you have the beehive of activity, we call the Community Builders Shop.


Interacting with the instructors and volunteers exposes these youths to adults who love and are passionate about their craft. This passion ignites in youth a desire to learn. It teaches teens how to respect and interact with adults. It makes in-roads into careers and the community.

We focus on the 21st century (and age-old) skills of: Critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. We provide meaningful organically-evolved experiences with high capacity mentors.

Critical thinking + Hands-on skills = Real results.



Here’s what’s happening ….

Tiny Houses


And….photo 4

DSCN0362 - Copy

musical instruments


outboard repair


solar power


welding and metal work