The morning smelled of sweat and linseed oil.
In this cool portion of the morning while others slept, took out the garbage to the curb, or commuted to city jobs, we learned the simple but universal law that craftsmen somehow know – that working with you hands is – pleasure. Especially work so mindless that everything you need to forget becomes absorbed by the work to be done.
This law’s implication is that in routing out the bad, in sanding or fixing carefully, in protecting the fragile or historic, in decisions made on each of a dozen or a hundred tasks, something small is set straight that affects the universe.

Vigor in the Worker by D. R. Phillips

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Ah! The good old times, Youth and the sea. Glamor and the sea. The good strong sea, the salt bitter sea, that could whisper to you and roar at you and knock the breath out of you.
By all that’s wonderful it is the sea I believe, the sea itself – or is it youth alone?
Who can tell? Wasn’t that the best of time when we were young at sea: young and had nothing, on the sea that gives nothing, except hard knocks and sometimes a chance to feel your strength. 

Joseph Conrad