Our Boats

The Longdorys

CBP has grown out of older maritime programs based on traditional sailing longboats. Our original goal was to build better educational boats, then sail them with the same students. Since then we have built 4 longdories over 10 years and then moved on to tiny houses. However, the longdories are still in action.

Meet the fleet!


… the fourth Longdory we built and one of the two we kept. Exceptional voyaging craft. Great stability and holding capacity. Versatile stays’l schooner rig that allows for sailing in all weathers. Epic can carry a crew of 10-12 and all their gear, food and most of the water for an 8-10 day expedition. This is the closest we have come to creating the ultimate educational voyaging craft. Designed by local Ed Louchard.


…our third-built vessel is slightly larger than her older sister. Dragonheart is still serving at the CBP in Summer Sailing programs and subbing for Epic in the Voyaging Program during their weekly classes.