CBP Philosophy

Building a stronger Community by giving youth job and life skills through adult mentorship

We seek to empower individuals to connect and engage in the  local communities in the following ways:

  • 101_0474Create personalized learning environment for students, mentors and educators,
  • Provide skill, social, and life mentorship and support for students
  • Provide thorough and meaningful instruction,
  • Promote creativity in thinking, in personal development, and in forging community partnerships,
  • Create connections to the real world with a special focus on the life skills, community and stewardship of Puget Sound.

Extended Philosophy:

We believe in igniting passion in young people through adventure and innovative opportunities. All programs call on the students, mentors and educators to act with a high degree of integrity and commitment.  

We are dedicated to partnerships with other organizations, the community, businesses, and mentors as a powerful way to build community. Connecting youth to community Mentors creates a high degree of mental health and forges connections between the generations.

For our students in the boats the theme of “The Journey” is important. Every Journey is an opportunity for significant change and growth.  

When we go on the water it is in an eco-appropriate way. Our vessels are “floating classrooms” for our young sailor-scientists. The footprint must be small. We are on the constant search for a deeper understanding of Puget Sound through intimate voyaging. Through our Voyages students come to understand and love Puget Sound. They will protect what they love.

For those working in the wood shop, there is a strong emphasis on empowerment through skill learning and mentorship. By bringing together people from many different generations, professions, and walks of life we create a rich, unique learning environment. We connect over food, problem solving and sharing our stories. In our Shop we teach Life, not just basic wood working. Nail by nail, plank by plank we draw disparate elements of our community closer together.

We are dedicated to providing our programs without charge. We believe that keeping the experiences free maintains our focus on the program and the student.

A well rounded education supported by mentorship and rife with life skills is essential and should be available all people.

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