A Full and Rich Summer

The Crew at CBP certainly has not been idle through this hot and dry summer.

Here are some of the highlights of our activities.

The Voyaging program ran all the way into the beginning of July this year, rather than ending at the start of June as usual.

These hardy mariners had a fantastic 8-day Journey aboard their longdory Epic in the San Juan Islands. They visited 7 different islands, traveled over 30 miles and got to experience orcas at close range. (Visit our Facebook page for a day-by-day account.)

The program wrapped up for the year with an end-of-class party/review organized by the students themselves. It included a PSV trivia game/test, a knot tying relay and party piece sharing by our talented students.

Later in the summer CBP partnered with Force 10 Sailmaking and Rigging to offer Voyaging students an intensive apprenticeship in traditional sailmaking. Students helped build a sail for an educational tall ship of Los Angeles Maritime Institute.

Our new Forest Ecology hiking program broke in its new boots on the trails of the Olympic Peninsula. These intrepid explorers visited river valleys, mountain peaks and ocean shores, including:

Lena Lake
Mt Eleanor
Silver Lake
3rd Beach on the Pacific Coast
Rialto Beach and Hole-in-the-Wall
Mt Townsen

Much was learned by all about the plants, animals and local ecology. Our educator team also gleaned valuable insight about how to improve and expand this program in the coming year.

Throughout the summer months the Dragonhearts spent every Thursday evening out on their namesake longdory. They ranged from Chimacum Creek in the north through Port Townsend Canal to Oak Bay in the south. New hands and seasoned crew shared pizza and home-baked desserts. They reveled in strong breezes and glided through glassy calms with songs and laughter. Felicity Ann joined the fun too, sometimes sailing in company, sometimes following her own sun path.

In the CBP Shop the Shelter From the Storm interns completed another beautiful Tiny Home. Recently featured in a Peninsula Daily News article, the Whispering Willow Cottage will be a part of the new housing project of Bayside Housing – Pat’s Place. But WW was not the only project going on. Yearly maintenance on Epic, work tables and many other things were built, fixed and painted.

Now our stellar team gathers their energies for a new season of programs.

The Puget Sound Voyagers are expecting 5 new students – the biggest influx in years!

Forest Ecology is looking into partnering with Chimacum Schools to be a monthly enrichment program throughout the school year.

Shelter From the Storm is working on a new tiny home design that will comfortably accommodate a small family to host farm workers in our community.

Let the bright warmth of summer carry us through the chill dark of winter.

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