Springing Forth!

As the world slowly re-opens like a flower after a rain storm, CBP is ramping up our programs again.

In the Shop the interns are hard at work on yet another tiny house (this will be #8… we think). But that is not all! Felicity Ann is in the Shop for her annual scrub-up and paint. Another boat restoration is underway, as well as another cradle boat for one of our interns who is an expecting father. Dragonheart was hauled out and is waiting the re-launch of FA to have her turn under the brush.

This winter and spring there has been a lot of cooperation between the CPB and the Schooner Adventuress. The Voyagers spent a month and a half restoring several of the “A”s deck boxes. CBP interns have helped with sail repair as well as transportation and bending on of the ship’s sails.

After a winter of remote learning, then most of early spring spent land-locked at the shop the Voyagers were very eager to get back out on the water. We traded out the longdory Epic for Dragonheart and are now back to weekly sailing. Recently we did plankton tows under oar-power!

We are excited to announce a new high school summer program – Forest Ecology! Visit our Summer Programs page for more info.

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