DSCN0272DSCF1510The hardy Voyagers have returned safely after having endured blustery winds, flat calms, long miles, and far more rain than than anyone would want with minimal shelter available.

DSCN0293We rowed and sailed over 30 miles, with either no wind at all or it blowing directly from where we wished to go. Yet despite the blisters, the drenching rain, the contrary wind and the creeping chill, spirits were kept up by camaraderie, jokes and above all – song. We sang a bit of everything from sea chanties to show tunes. DSCN0312

This Voyage proved true our motto “Grace in the Face of Adversity” and like a fine knife of good steel tempered in fire, water and oil, our crew came out better, stronger and wiser. Fair weather may be comfortable and easy, but you don’t learn nearly as much, about the craft or about your self.



Another thing we learned was the importance of flexibility, as many times the weather thwarted our plans and we were forced to improvise.


On the whole it was a challenging, but great Journey with one of the best crews everDSCN0379.

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