Spring ’16

Life proceeds apace.

In Boatbuilding:12973395_1152194268164200_7728427528881272527_o.jpg

Our tiny house grows, the Wink’n is ready to row, Epic’s new mast takes shape with a sweet marriage of traditional and modern riggingDSCN9910.JPG. DSCN9908.JPG





The baby boat 2 has a skeg, musical instruments continue to form, and more marvelous carvings emerge from the wood work.

In Voyaging:

We prepare for our annual Journey; packing, planning and practicing. This year we start in Quilcene and head North stopping in Fisherman’s Harbor, Port Gamble and Mats Mats. DSCN9977 - Copy (2).JPG

But life is not all just work, we have still been getting out on the water each week to relax with some sailing.

In News:

Announcing 2016’s Summer Program

   Summer at Sea – Sailing the Dragon

For High Schoolers & young adults   14 – 21 y.o.  (12-14 considered)

First Session June 20 – July 1st

Overflow Session  Aug. 15 – 26th

Free and Accredited

Each session is Five days of daysailing then a five day Voyage

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