Between the autumn mists and sunny days time rolls by. At the Community Boat Project so many things are being created, restored, built, sold.

First the Big News:IMG_3875

Onward! our second-built longdory was recently sold. Her new owners plan to take her on the Race to Alaska with the all female team Kraken Up.

Farewell Onward! You have served us well, we will miss you. May you have fair winds and calm seas on your future voyages.

DSCN0340 - CopyNew Project:

Our Boatbuilding class is undertaking an entirely new type of project this year; a land ship! Inspired by the tiny house movement we are teaching our students practical homebuilding skills by building a Vardo-style wagon. DSCN0371 - Copy

New Connection:

A Vanguard of 4 new students from Quilcene Schools came up to experience CBP and the longdories. They took to it like ducks to water. We hope to have them and more join us again soon.DSCN0362 - Copy

CBP Spotlight: Sailors’ Banjos

Luthier Scott Marckx, a local violin maker, is working with our students to build sailor’s banjos. These instruments feature steam bent bodies, sail cloth heads, and artistic hardwood necks.

DSCN0406 - CopyVoyaging:

The weather continues to defy forecasts in our favor and we have gone out every week. Most recently we practiced docking with each student taking their turn to direct the crew and vessel in departing and returning to our particularly tricky slip. A light southerly wind made things more complex, but the crew were all up to the challenge and learned the valuable lesson ‘If you go slow enough nothing can go wrong that you can’t handle.’.

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