Voyagers’ Journey North

May 12th-16thBrandts Landing 12


Our very own Puget Sound Voyagers head north for their annual Journey.

We gathered at 5:30am to trailer Dragonheart up to Orcas Island. The first half of the day a long early morning road trip with two ferry rides, but at last we attained Orcas and Brant’s Landing our launch place on the north shore. It took but a short time to set up the rig a load the last of the gear, a quick lunch, then splash and we were under way. Mon boat in water 17Dragonheart on the trailer 172

A brilliantly sunny day, though not a breath of wind helped or hindered us on our way. We all got sunburned.

Mon journey begins 18

Our first night we spent on beautiful Matia Is. We arrived rather late for any exploring, but early enough to comfortably set up camp, cook and eat supper before dark.

Tues Matia dock 30

Our standard sleeping arrangements this trip are that half the crew sleeps aboard and half ashore, switching every day. Before bed all food must return to the boat to discourage wandering racoons or other foragers.

Matia night boat crew 25

Day two dawned bright and clear with a nice northerly breeze. By 10:00am we were off again, leaving nothing but foot prints, taking nothing but memories.

Tues PSV Sculpture 43A strong current and the wind being in out teeth prevented us from setting sail, so we rowed until we stopped in Fox Cove, Sucia Is. for lunch. 

Tues on to Patos 44


After this mid-day rest, the slack came on and the wind lightened so we sail/drifted our way to Patos Is.Tues sailing 53 Thurs am loading the boat 140


 Patos Thurs loading 142

Active Cove on Patos lives up to its name, so here we had to be creative in our anchoring arrangements, but with care we put together a very comfortable set-up.

Riding the logs on Patos 120

  Wed Patos breakfast 80

We loved Patos so much that we chose to spend our whole third day and night there, exploring and playing.

After a late wakeup and breakfast, we started out on a shore hike that turned into a circumferencing of the island. Patos afternoon play 98

rafters on Patos 104

This 4-mile scramble around Patos’ rocky coast in the hot sun left us in the mood for resting and water sports for the remainder of the day.Wed morrage on Patos dragonheart 103

Sucia here we come 146

Blues in the night 122We bade farewell to our beloved Patos the following day and set the ‘Secret Weapon’ for a romping downwind ride to Fossil Bay, Sucia Is. where we had determined to spend the last night of our journey.  Max - feel good 149

Here we gave the boat a thorough clean, enjoyed some field sports and reminisced on the trip with and after supper game.a lunch of leftovers Sucia 161


Wed Patos YES to Adventure 127

Our five days of expedition and exploration wrapped up back at Brant’s Landing. We had fantastic weather and fun times, gorgeous vistas and great tree climbing.Taty holding the moon 72 Patos  PSV tree climbers 136PSV are chanps we made it 178



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  1. force10sails says:

    About equal on those points of sail, and average rowing speed for these boats with a full crew is about 3 kts.

  2. itznu says:

    cool boat! is it faster downwind than in a reach? Also, what do you reckon the rowing speeds on flatwater would be like?

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