Fall 2013

Exciting things are happening once again in

Upper Lower Hadlock!

Marci Vancleve

… is this year’s recipient of the Wooden Boat Foundation Award for Lifetime Achievement in Wooden Boat Community Spirit and Culture!Marcia-Van-Cleve

Our main liaison to the local school districts, Marci Vancleve; teacher with a vision and recipient of theAmerican Red Cross “Hero” Award for, “25 years of saving young peoples lives through educational excellence”, now is celebrated by the national boating community for 25 years of bringing youth into the maritime culture.

Sponsored by Wooden Boat Magazine and given by the Wooden Boat Foundation and NW Maritime Center the Lifetime Achievement awards are the kick off to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, and are a definitive way of becoming the whos who in the boating community.


The Boat Building Class

… Is working on Epic the new longdory.  Epic will be a 33′ long Brigantine with the standard four rowing stations. Construction continues apace on hull, interior, mast and oars.100_6403

Restoration continues on Fellowship with a new mast, and other details. Fellowship is planned to take the standard of CBP and PSVS boats – as the most eco-friendly youth voyaging vessels in the Puget Sound – to another level.  

Sailor Scientists

of the EarthSea Stewards program are back on the water with a mixed class of new and returning students. This class draws its members from three different schools, uniting them with the passion to be on the water and to learn about what lives in it. DSCN9371

So far every Wednesday has had fair weather and each Sailor Scientist is becoming a master longdory handler. We have played in the current of Port Townsend Canal, measured the salinity levels in vertical column of Chimacum Creek and sailed nearly every inch of water in between.

The Voyagers10 voyaging (6)

… sail on! It has been 20 years since the first voyage, and while boats and location have changed over time the class continues to inspire youth with the spirit of teamwork as taught by maritime culture and the rough school of life in a longdory.


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