February Update

100_6403 Epic is Planked! 

Our newest expedition vessel Epic got her final plank and is ready to turn over. We build the hull upside down, then flip it to complete the construction. Next month we will remove the molds and begin interior construction. This will be the watertight compartments, rowing thwarts, oar tholes, etc. 100_6434

This new design by Ed Louchard is our largest vessel at 33’. It will row eight oars and have a modified Brigantine rig. It promises to be stable, fast, and fun. We expect it to carry 14 people comfortably. It will be a “looker”.  

Planting Month 

March is planting month. The Community Boat Project continues its commitment to the environment by planting trees each Spring and Fall. As Simon de Voil said, “If you build wooden boats, you’d better be planting trees.” 

We have over 100 native plants donated by the Jefferson County Land Conservation District. These will go into our site reclamation project at the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding. Slowly, scarred land overrun by blackberries and scotch broom is being restored by our students and volunteers. 


step 1: Students and volunteers restore a sand and gravel hillside with donated hay.


step 2: hay terraces are planted with native plants and the slope is covered with last year’s rotten hay.


Step 3: last year’s planting is turning green with spring.


This is the month – come on down and dig with us. 

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