January 2013

Can you say T-37’s? 

As the New Year started we also started a new project. With local pond racing aficionados, our students will be building remote controlled T-37 pond model racing yachts. 

There is a Jefferson County group of dedicated racers and others throughout Puget Sound. We have two kits in hand and are looking for funding to build a small fleet that will reside at the Boat School. These will be available for anyone to borrow and have some fun.  

This has been a vision of ours for years. It teaches boat construction on a micro-scale, and then teaches the principles of sailing. And most importantly all wrapped up in fun! 

Thanks to Dan Newland and his racing crew for helping to make this happen! 


Thanks to Adventuress 

Adventuress, our local schooner turns 100 on Feb. 1st.  She has been getting a rebuild on her port side. Our good friends at the Schooner Adventuress have been giving us the planking offcuts. These are 40’ long, 2 ½” thick Sapele of random widths and shapes. They are too small to be useful on the schooner, but GREAT to be re-sawn for our new vessel Epic. Every piece of hardwood on our last vessel, Dragonheart was an Adventuress offcut and it looks like that will be true of our new boat as well. 

Plus, Adventuress is having a new mainmast made. We are recycling her old mast into two masts for our vessels! This is perfectly seasoned Douglas Fir. Already our Special Forces Team has taken a 30’ section of the 14” round mast and re-sawn it into two 5 ½” cants ready to be reshaped into masts for our Voyaging vessels. 

That’s how Community works. That’s how recycling works. 

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